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Our world is growing and space is a premium. A life well lived, is a life full of experiences and adventure. When one simplifies their living space, it frees up more space in their lives for adventure, for experiences, for freedom.

About four years ago, I donated over half of my belongings, moved to The Bay Area and now live in about a 400 SF space. I simplified my “living room” to amplify my life! I embarked on making the world, others, work, art, movement, experience and everyday adventures my living room and have never looked back. Don’t get me wrong, safety, wellbeing, comfort and shelter are all vital to one’s life, but so is freedom, creativity and adventure. Both equally important for one’s soul, one’s life. This was a large vision behind “uncontained living”.

Five years ago, while working for Sierra Builders of Nevada, as I stood in a parking lot above the University of Nevada I paused and just began to stare at a few vacant and used shipping containers. My mind wondered where they came from, what products were in them, how they were just sitting there taking up space and not being utilized, but more so thought, “what could those become, what could they be now?”. That is when it began. Upon research, I realized many others had these same thoughts, same visions and we better start now, for there is no better time to starting something you want to than today!

This world is becoming more populated by the day and conserving our resources is vital, but so is life, so is living, so is functionality and comfortability. Thus, Uncontained was birthed. Shipping containers turned into modern, simple living, allowing one the cleanliness and creativity to let their inner soul and adventurous self come to life.

My vision was to effectively refurbish and create homes, beautiful and inspiring homes affordable to most, not just the elite few, in a way that appreciates and honors the old while propelling us all toward a creative, collaborative and collective future.

– Seth Cotter, Founder and Visionary of thePEZgroup

Robert “Bob” Cotter
Sierra Builders of Nevada, President
44 years experience

Paul A. Ferrari, P.E.
Pezonella Ferrari Consulting Engineers, Partner
46 years experience

Jeff Frame
Frame Architecture Inc.
35 years experience

Ray Pezonella
Pezonella Associates, Inc.
45 years experience

George Temen

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